MD Program

Professionals who want to work at Boer & Croon have the ambition to develop their skills in a wide range of areas. This means that they are prepared to invest a lot in themselves and fully immerse themselves in their professional and personal development. Demanding projects, continuous feedback, and training constitute a constant challenge.
In close consultation with the board of directors and coaches at Boer & Croon Management, the Young Executives continually work on their personal and professional development. They thereby make use of personal development plans geared toward improving specific skills.
Development is further fleshed out based on education, training, coaching, and intervision. This results in a complete and high-quality Management Development program.

A tailored program

At Boer & Croon, we want to offer our clients a consistent level of quality. That is why the training program is tailored completely to the level of knowledge of individual Young Executives present in the organization. The backgrounds of our professionals are very diverse. Each time you begin at a new business with a new assignment. That is an inspiring challenge that requires you to be very flexible. By our trainings, we teach our people how to start and flesh out projects professionally.

Improving your personal effectiveness

As a Young Executive, you constantly work on improving your management qualities, project management skills, and personal effectiveness. This occurs by, among other things, following trainings given by Avicenna, the Academy for Leadership in the area of strategy, project management, and leadership. Professional and personal development are central to these trainings.

Coaching and intervision

At Boer & Croon, senior managers from the business sector coach you, and you actively participate in intervision groups. In these groups, the Young Executives and their coach share experiences and insights. This allows you to be inspired by colleagues, broaden your perspective, and improve specific skills and techniques.