As a Young Executive you are responsible for successfully executing diverse projects. You are supported in this by a senior manager from the business sector, who serves as your coach. You can fall back on the knowledge and skill of everyone within the organization. And you have intervision meetings with your colleagues to improve in the subject matter as well as personally. The assignments vary in length – from a few months to sometimes as much as a year – and are usually carried out at the client on a full-time basis. It is often an individual assignment, sometimes in a team with another Young Executive or in cooperation with a consultant or interim manager from BoerCroon.

As a Young Executive at BoerCroon, you carry out assignments at our clients independently. The proportion among advising, managing, and implementing will vary depending on the assignment. Sometimes you take over a temporary position, other times you are deployed to carry out research. Each assignment is made to measure. The four work areas are project management, process management, interim management, and advisory.

The environment is often hectic. As a Young Executive, you must come up to speed quickly with new subject matter in order to resolve management bottlenecks and strengthen the organization. You go to the client, do research, make an analysis, identify problems, and advise the client about a solution. You then implement your changes. You must create a basis of support. A feeling for relationships and environment is essential to this. You have to prove yourself every time.